Friday, August 7


The August heat is assaulting us, beating us senseless.
We huddle inside in front of fans with sweating glasses of water at our sides. The sky is a perfect blue though and if I had the courage I would venture out to the sea where I could dive into the clear ionian blue waters and find some peace.
Instead, I keep my two pale ones indoors away from the threatening sun.
Nico is now lost in a sweaty sleep, surrounded by boxes yet to be sent to all the good people who have by this time forgotten about our promised gifts.

I asked Sebastian which season he preferred, summer or winter. He answered, summer. Why? I pestered.
Because it has the hottest days. Besides, he continued, it isn't winter right now.
If it was winter, would it be your favorite season?
Oh, yes. It snows then. I love it when it is really cold.
I see.

Sebastian occasionally leaves my side to play with the neighborhood kids. This is a big step in our lives, especially for Jason and me, to let Sebastian play unsupervised outdoors. But I think it is good for him. He gets to see how other kids live and uses his Japanese the entire time. And he is always within shouting distance so it is okay. Nico's heart is broken every time he realizes where Sebastian is going, though. He's become very possessive over his big brother during this summer holiday.

I am absolutely melting here. I am going to go take yet another shower and contemplate what I can make for dinner that doesn't involve heat or wheat.

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