Sunday, August 9


I went to my birth practitioner yesterday. Still no firm idea if we are growing a Lucy or a Julius so I will just go on calling him/her Lucy Julius or Julius Lucy for now. I think the doctor is leaning towards a girl but since I was pregnant with Ingrid last time and ended up bringing home a Nicolai, I think she wants to be positive before sharing her educated guess. I did see the baby's face and feet and hands and learned that Lucy Julius is at a whopping 2 pounds now. I, on the other hand, only gained 0.4 lbs last months. I was heavily praised for this because last month I had gained a staggering six pounds. Personally, weight gain during pregnancy doesn't matter too much as long and I and the baby continue to be healthy. I was big with Sebastian and even bigger with Nico. With Sebastian it made sense as my major craving with him was fried chicken. With Nico though, I just wanted to eat ice. All. the. time. I haven't reached the craving stage with this one yet though I do like fresh tomatoes. Which, if you know me, is a little strange to witness after years of casting them off my plate like the devil.
After this I am entering into the third trimester so I get to go every two weeks. Hopefully one of those visits will give us a better glimpse at the baby's sexual identity. I've been considering why it matters so much to us. We like our babies either way (though Jason is definitely rooting for a girl this time) and we aren't making a nursery or worried about buying pink or blue. I think it is because of our language. If we don't know the sex, we are forced into using the pronoun "it" which is reserved for objects and animals. I think we like to refer to our children with either the "he" or "she" pronouns because it establishes a more human connection. And no matter how short the pregnancy is (in the grand scheme of things) it is important that we bond with our children from the start. Especially when we sometimes forget about the new baby since the ones that are already running around demand so much attention.
Anyway, we are going to be prepared with names for both genders this time. Right now, I like Lucia (Lucy) Colette or Julius Lucien. Lucia and Lucien mean 'light' which seems like a good name to buoy up this child through their life.


kayla said...

Yay! Congratulations. Now I see what you mean by 'outgrowing' your old blog.

I love the name Lucy (vetoed by Earl, though).

I talked with my friend, who didn't find out the sex, about what they called the baby, and she said 'it' evolved into 'she' by accident. She had a baby girl on Weds at Fruitful Vine!

Will the baby be born in Japan?

Anonymous said...

yippee! i thought so...:)
congratulations to all!
i love the names, of course!
when is the due date?