Tuesday, September 1

the post you've all been waiting for...

I know, we've been holding out on you. Not just you, but all of you (or ya'll if I may). So let me lay it out here:

-I knew I was pregnant before our spring trip to Fukuoka. I didn't tell anyone (including Jason) for a little while because finding out you are pregnant when your working place is not so terrific but the recession is kicking full blast makes one feel the need to step back and reflect before taking action.

-Eventually, I came up with a plan. I would tell my boss and either he would say sayonara or he would agree with my option. He agreed with the alternative plan which was to have Jason substitute for me during my pregnancy leave. I think he has a sweet spot for Jason. I thought I would begin my maternity leave a few weeks prior to my due date (November 15th, by the way) but he decided to make the change earlier than anticipated. So, at the beginning of August Jason became Jason-sensei and I became a full-time stay-at-home mom. I still help Jason with lesson planning and such but for the most part this house is my main domain right now. Which is good. Very good.

-I had taken a leave of absence from grad school because of technical issues and because I wasn't sure it was what I wanted. I took the writing workshop and found out two things: (1)I am a decent writer, (2) I don't enjoy writing fiction right now. It was a bit of a revelation. I do enjoy teaching and I have come to terms with my relationship with Japan and found that I am still as smitten with the place as ever. Returning to my grad work seemed the right thing to do. I am actually really good at it and with three kids, it is good to have a little extra step up in the world. (Thanks again to my loving folks for helping me achieve this).

-A day after I got everything straightened out to return to grad school, I came across a listing in an ESOL classified for a teaching position at a junior college. They were looking for someone who could work with all ages, such as myself. I applied and after a long and pleasant correspondence with the supervisor, I am happy to say that I got the job. I actually visited the school during our vacation, leaving the others behind for three days to journey solo to Nagoya, where the college is located. I taught in a summer intensive program for high school teachers and really got a good feel for the place. It is so rare to have the opportunity to check out a potential work place that I felt very fortunate to be able to go. So next Spring, we are headed to the big city. My kind supervisor even has a part-time position lined up for Jason working at a high school. She is really, really amazing and I am very grateful that she chose me as the school's new teacher.

That's it for now, news wise, I suppose. Unless you didn't notice the posting a bit back about the baby being a girl. Because we are truly having a girl this time. A daughter, a whole new world.

Hope you are all well. Take care.


Anonymous said...

*wow*...so happy for you all!!!! all our love ,
j, h, g, l

Anonymous said...

yay! a girl! i am so truly happy for you, (as scary as it may be)! your children are lucky to have such a devine mother! congratulations to the whole family! (hi jason!) and congratulations on the job!
heartfelt love always, carrie

George said...

hey guys, this is awesome news -- every bit of it.

good luck in the months ahead!!