Sunday, August 30

summer vacation part 5 of 6

thursday was yet another day of play for the children. shara-chan's mother took the boys and jason to this really great play area just outside of nara. a completely family oriented space and absolutely free; it made jason really miss living in a city.

i know vacations like this show how much children can alter a young couple's life: most of our peers who haven't started families spend their vacations comparing beaches in southeast asia, seeing how many countries they can visit on their eurorail passes. we like being able to give our children a fantastic experience and build memories that will stay with them, even when life isn't so kind. it feels like such an accomplishment to be able to present my children with the gift of travel that i don't need to be truly globe-trotting myself (right now). after all, they open up worlds unseen by my eyes for too long and for that i am grateful.

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