Friday, September 11

8 years ago

we had that tuesday off. we slept in, ate a late breakfast, then packed our laundry in the car to head to his parents' house. and of course, npr came on as soon as we started the engine. and this is what we heard.

before we understood what was happening, i remember the shadows of the giant oaks in our neighborhood, i remember laughing about some joke quickly forgotten. i don't remember how we navigated to his parents' house after we grasped what was going on.
even now, i am listening to it (for the first time since it happened) and shaking a little. the disbelief, utter and complete, was enormous. even after we arrived and saw the images over and over on the television, i just couldn't comprehend it. i still can't.

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Anonymous said...

Still unfathomable even after time has passed. I remember seeing the first tower go as I watched the news before heading out to work. Being 2 hours behind in New Mexico we didn't get the full story until midmorning. News was trickling in and I remember trying to keep everything normal for my students when the world seemed to be turning upside down. The kids seemed to sense the adults' distress and were abnormally quiet and subdued. The complete silence of the following days will stay with me forever as we stood on the playground and witnessed absolutely no air traffic with their vaporous contrails marking the blue, autumn sky. My current students were one year old on this day. Time passes but it should never be forgotten. Hold your loved ones close, Liz