Saturday, September 26

and like that...

i'm thirty.
i woke up and went to the docks to see the sunrise, something i haven't done since i arrived here. the docks were buzzing with people, fishermen and buyers, readying for the auction. in white boxes, the fish flipped and the lobsters attempted escape, scrambling over the sides and onto the wet concrete, the fishermen in fast pursuit.
and later, my birthday books arrived, leaves of grass from sebastian, emerson from nico, and the giant collection of neruda from jason.
we've been to the park, the good one with the roller slide, where one of my (or should i say our) students was there and brought nico into the inner circle of baseball players warming up for saturday games.
there is a chocolate cake waiting and the collection of shells, rocks, flowers, all in sets of thirty, to come.
it is a little bittersweet to say good-bye to my twenties but i am straightening my shoulders and raising my chin, ready for this new segment of my life.
as for a list, i don't think it is necessary. i have things to do, and i will do them. i will have a baby, and move to a big city, i will work on my degree, and also work on my own personal passions: drawing, writing, living with mindfulness, acting compassionately, intentionally.


monk said...

you did more in your 20's than I ever did.... the 30's great, you'll see... Happy new Birth Year, may you live it fully as well... :)

kayla said...

Happy happy birthday! I love 30, and I hope you will, too.