Monday, September 28

Athletics Day (運動会)

Yesterday was Undoukai, or Athletics Day, for the kindergarten. They practiced for weeks in preparation and every family prepared obentos for picnic lunches. The rain held off and it was a really fun day. I had a flash of realization when I began to sigh from the relief that I had finished getting everything ready for the day, that this was not the last Undoukai that I would have to prepare for. No, rather I saw them lined up for years to come, taking into account that we have three children all three years apart. So I better learn to make the most of it.
If you want to see the race frame by frame (I didn't have the video camera yesterday), look:


Don't worry, the kids that fell weren't hurt. They both got up and finished the race as everyone shouted "Ganbatte!" ("Do your best!").

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