Monday, September 7

away from it all

i started classes last week and am feeling overwhelmed and stubborn. i still balk at having to spend so much time doing something that i am so underwhelmed about and especially spending so much of that time in front of a screen. sometimes the cons stack up so high you cannot see the pros, even in silhouette.
instead of hunkering down and accepting what i must do, this weekend was spent in a little cove of paradise and then tending our tender skin indoors, drawing and baking chocolate cakes.
in fact, the wind is so perfect through this little window this monday morning that i must retreat again and whisk nico away to the park. please see more of our recent beach visit over on flickr.
take care.


monk said...

theres nothing like beautiful beach days full of magical ocean finds

Tiffany said...

very true, monk. and magical is the perfect word for our beach days.