Friday, September 25

A Decade in Retrospect

(With birthdays as markers...)
**********10 years ago: I bought a blue and white ski jacket as part of a scheme to travel to Alaska in the coming winter.
*********9 years ago: Returning from a trip to North Carolina with Jason, who I had only known since August.
********8 years ago: We moved back to Jacksonville and painted the walls of our Fenimore apartment white while listening to Bjork's Vespertine
*******7 years ago: Came back from New York and a Belle and Sebastian concert, discovered that Sebastian was growing within me
******6 years ago: Was going to school full-time. Saw Lost in Translation and decided to apply to the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program
*****5 years ago: Living and teaching in Nara, saw a boat slowly circle the torch-lit pond, ate a candied apple
****4 years ago: Struggling with my place in the world, went to Kyoto for the day
***3 years ago: Found ourselves back in Jacksonville, living at the Fenimore again and also pregnant, again
**2 years ago: Working at the university language program, feeling overwhelmed and homesick for Japan, took a late night trip to Georgia to play the big ticket lottery
*1 year ago: Living here in Gotou, ate chocolate cake from the patisserie, did some homework

I am a little sad to see this chapter end but eager to turn the page. It is funny to read this list because I managed some really monumental feats of life at a very young age, without expectation and not too much anxiety. I hope I have the same courage in my thirties, but perhaps tempered with a little rationality. Just a tad though.

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Anonymous said...

tiffany, hope you have a wonderful birthday :)
love, us (h,j,g,l)