Wednesday, September 2

hello september

yesterday was the first day of september, the day sebastian returned to kindergarten. it was also the day that we went swimming at the beach for the first time since we moved here. jason isn't a big beach goer and though i was home for the most part of august, i don't like the terrible heat, even to do things like swimming. we are pedestrians, you see, so going anywhere in summer with two kids and a pregnant belly is not exactly what i enjoy doing. but yesterday was good. the sky was blue blue and the temperture was about 85 degrees (F) without too much humidity. perfect.
i decided after lunch to try out our closest beach, five minutes by bus with another five on foot to the beach itself. we had visited before but after a storm and the place was really not nice. lots of trash from china, australia, korea, and (though they would like to just blame the neighbors) from japan itself. the water was rough and not very inviting. so we crossed it off our list.
but yesterday... oh yesterday was a different story, as you can see.

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momo said...

Nice beach. Big O would love to live place like that.

Great news about the baby. And it is a girl!
we will meet again, I really hope.