Thursday, September 10

the name game and other things

i hope you don't mind my constant gloating of the glorious sea. pretty soon it will be too cool to dip our toes in the water and we are leaving the island before it will be warm again. which is fantastic. i mean, i love visiting the beach and swimming in the dreamy clear waters but the day to day life on the island is not so fantastic. we have a few more visits before autumn truly sets in and we plan to enjoy them to the fullest.

i just returned from a visit to the doctor. she is certain that it is a girl now, for all of you skeptical nellies out there. so, in the spirit of community sharing, i thought i would open up a little poll of possible names in the sidebar over there. i have a pretty good idea of what i want to name her but jason is on the fence. let's see what you think.

also, speaking of visiting the doctor, i really don't know what is going on in america in terms of this health reform deal. seriously, national health care rocks. maternity care isn't even covered by national health insurance in japan but the city gave me a little packet of certificates that i redeem anytime i need an exam or test and the other visits only cost about twenty bucks. there is no waiting, the care is professional and they are super nice to the kids, and everything is clean and top-notch. i was on medicaid in florida with the boys and besides for my fantastic midwife, all the other care i received was terrible. long, long waits and substandard care and the kids' doctor wouldn't allow siblings to accompany me, which was ridiculous. seriously flawed system. this first-person point of view article is really worth reading. i would say that national health care is a fraction of the reason why we live in japan. i pay about 200 bucks a month for all four of us. and it makes me feel like i live in a civilized society that understands that a healthy populace makes for a healthy nation.
anyway, i'll get off my soapbox. go cast your vote for the baby's name.
hope you are all well. take care.


monk said...

The beach is great, that is why I live in Hawaii, although I am so addicted to body-boarding and catching waves that I am out in the water even when it's cold for our standards here.

A girl, wow that will be fun for you I think after your boys. I say I think because I only have boys, a 6 year old boy, 2 male dogs and a male It seems like I like the french girl names except for Gemma, where is that name from? I really like that one.

I agree with you the health care system really needs to be improved upon. It is so obvious that if health care was provided for everyone the government would save money in the long run, at least that is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the lucky ones that have "great" insurance coverage and I still get lousy healthcare. Might not be an insurance issue,huh? I had bloodwork done over two weeks ago and am still waiting for the lab report and then will have to set up a follow-up appointment. Hmmm...two weeks to get the initial appointment, two weeks for labs, perhaps two more weeks for another appointment, at which time I fully expect to be referred to a specialist. More waiting... On the other hand, I am soon to have outpatient surgery on my foot and will not pay anything other than my office copay. For me, it seems to be a medical care issue not insurance. Still dubious about the girl...we all remember sweet Ingrid and the surprise that followed. I will vote but like Lucia because you could change it to Luke or Simone so you could change it to Simon if you need to...Hope you are well. Hugs to all, Liz