Thursday, September 24

nico days

there are less than two months until the baby is due to make her appearance. i am busy with school (and procrastinating with my school work) most days and trying to find a balance of kindergarten activities and housekeeping.

and then, of course, there is nico. ferociously sweet nico. i went back to work five months after his birth so these last weeks have been a period of really getting to know my second son. everything is a little slower with nico. his pace and attention to the details along the way make a simple trip to the grocery into an expedition. he's more independent than sebastian and enjoys his space.
he's also more likely to experiment and to make epic disasters in his wake. he cannot be left alone with any sort of writing or drawing material, or a glass of liquid. or rice. or unlocked windows. i know it is part of his process of blooming into his own so i try to give him the space he needs in an environment that is both safe for him and safe for our house.
and blossoming he is. he's already starting to outgrow many of sebastian's hand-me-downs, from last year. (aka, he's wearing size 5 clothes now). he's learning to read along with sebastian.
he enjoys counting cars that pass us and can count all the way into the forties now (on this island, it takes a long time for that many cars to pass us).
he loves his little black kitty (with the missing eyes) and also likes to carry colored pencils with him, as toys. they have very elaborate conversations together.

he's a funny and creative kid, always growing, always trying to catch up with sebastian.
i am grateful for this time to see him by himself.

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Anonymous said...

what sweet, beautiful children they are...and welcoming one more. y'all are truly blessed!