Monday, September 7


warning: i am unabashedly telling you what we want for the kids for their upcoming birthdays/winter holidays so if you are not a grandparent, you might want to skip this post ;)

with a new baby, a new city, a few birthdays and holidays approaching, we've been getting some questions from kind people (hi mom) about what we would like or need. i've been window-shopping on etsy for a while and thought i would share a few of the additions to our wishlist not just because they are what we would like but because they might be something you would like as well (especially if you have littles in your life).

i've started to open up to the waldorf philosophy a bit since sebastian seems more akin to that method than the montessori way. when looking recently, i came across little sapling toys. they have gorgeous wooden toys for babies that are also reasonably priced. i really like their stacking toy and the honey dipper rattle.

i did find some really nice infant montessori materials that i have added to my favorites at goosedesigns and pinkhouse, particularly the gift set (this is a definite hint, hint).

the majority of our wishlist is made up of books. i included a few books that are for jason and myself but the contents will be used for the kids (i have to get out of the habit of saying "the boys"). i used the american amazon wishlist just for general use but (watch out, here is another selfish hint) you could easily buy it through which would save on shipping costs. here is our bulging book wishlist. maybe you'll find something there you'd like to read.
and of course, art supplies are always great. simple things like markers and paint are constantly well received. also, itunes gift cards. dvds are nice but bound to get scratched. the boys really like watching episodes of pbs kids and this is a good way of making that happen.

thanks for reading through this post and considering us. i feel a little awkward putting it out there but since we have kind of a unique situation with unique needs, i thought it might be helpful to be specific this time.
hope you are all well. take care.

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