Thursday, October 22

36 weeks and counting

-Another doctor visit today. I was thinking how I will do a post with a belly shot for each doctor's visit. These will obviously be getting more frequent as I am now doing weekly check-ups.

-Once Sunday arrives, the baby will be considered full-term and thus anytime after that may be her birthday.

-She's about 6 pounds now and really long. Her head is down like it is supposed to be and her feet are at the top of my ribs. So very comfortable. For her, not me.

-I am starting to waddle. Not a lot and not all the time but it is definitely a waddle. It is mainly due to the feeling I have sometimes when walking that my hips are separating from my spine.

-We have newborn diapers and lots of socks.

-Her name is going to be Colette (one 'l' not two) Aki. Colette is actually a female version of Nicolai and they both mean "victorious people" (this is incidental as we just happen to both agree on the name Colette and only linked it to Nico afterwards). Hopefully they will share a birth month (though I am equally hopeful they won't share a birthday) meaning that they will be exactly three years apart.
Aki means autumn and we are going to use these kanji: 安紀. The first one means peaceful or tranquil and the second era. If you remember dear old Ingrid, we chose the same middle name for her as well. The 'ki' kanji uses part of the kanji on my inkan (name stamp) and was chosen because it sounds like my last name, which I didn't change when I married. So to pronounce her middle name, just say: Ah-Key.

-I confirmed with my doctor that we are indeed only paying about 15 bucks out of pocket for this birth. Prior to this new administration, families paid upwards to 5000 bucks for the birth (in cash of course) and then were paid back by local governments afterwards. Luckily, in September a new more socially-orientated government was voted into power and now we are left to pay only 15 dollars. 15. And, as far as I can understand, we still get money from the government afterward. Plus the new monthly child stipend. Colette chose a very good time to be born.

-Most likely it will be quiet around here except for these check-ins. I have a lot of school work (three midterm papers/projects due this week) and am also helping Jason prepare for the preschool's Halloween party. When I am not studying, I am helping Sebastian with his daily homework: English, math, and Japanese. We are getting him ready for first grade. He has recently gotten more into coloring, serious coloring with careful attention to the details. Yesterday he completed a jigsaw puzzle by himself that had almost two-hundred pieces. He's transitioning into this kid who can concentrate and working independently on his own projects. It is amazing to watch. And of course, there is the housework and the naps. You cannot imagine the napping that is going on around here. Growing a new baby is exhausting.

-Hope you are all well. Take care.


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Anonymous said...

Just curious... How does the government pay for subsidizing your health care so that you only pay 15 dollars to have a baby? Also you receive a monthly stipend? Do you get one for each child? Where does this money come from? Taxes? Just curious...Liz