Monday, October 5

Days of Grey

This weekend was the Minato Matsuri, a festival featuring Nebuta, the giant lantern floats pushed and pulled along the streets of Fukue. Last night, we stayed out late to watch the fireworks, the display symbolizing the end of summer. The end of yukatas and kakigori, of kabuto mushi and balloon yo-yos. Today Sebastian dressed in his cold weather uniform, the one with the suspenders and the jaunty hat with the tassel. The days of grey have officially begun.

Besides for the festivities, I spent the weekend struggling with my homework. Not because it is so difficult but because each time I would open my textbooks, I would fall asleep. Seriously. They aren't really that boring but the pregnancy and my own mixed feelings about studying to be a language teacher combine to make me completely exhausted whenever I try to be a diligent student. Today I am feeling better. It is easier to focus whenever I am not distracted by fireworks and two extra people in the house. I have found that taking a break to create something, be it banana bread (baked in the rice cooker) or Colette's quilt, or to do something with my hands like household chores clears my head and jittery anxiety. I am able to return to my homework on vowel articulation and complete it without yawning once. This idea of working with my hands equals a happy Tiffany was strengthened when I listened to this To the Best of Our Knowledge on craft. Please go listen, it is fascinating.

I hope you are all reading this under blue skies. Take care.

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