Thursday, October 8


Can you believe I am already 35 weeks along?

So in about 5 weeks, Colette Aki should be ready to enter our world. And, as all children do, I imagine she'll manage to turn our world absolutely on its head.
There is a possibility she might not wait the five weeks. She is already measuring 3.3. kilos (just over 7 pounds).

The boys were both over 8 pounds at birth. With Nico, he measured over 10 pounds on the ultrasound, prompting doctors to take action quick before he could become even more massive. Fortunately, he waited until he was outside of the womb before he gained his pounds. Now when we go walking, people tease that Nico and I have matching bellies. He towers over other 2 and 3 year olds, making him seem a bit like an ogre because he is still clumsy.

I don't think we have completely gotten used to the idea of another baby. Is it possible to truly prepare for another human in our lives? I've been doing my best with a bit of shopping (sheepskin rug, wool sleeping pad, Montessori toys, sweet handmade soft toys, knit slippers) plus some crafting of my own (a quilt, some felt toys, a mobile, a hat). I have actually been trying to get stuff for the boys made (pajama pants, aprons, laundry bags, lunch kits) because I worry a lot about how I will take care of them with a new baby.

We have tried to discuss what will happen with Sebastian, in terms of school. I am giving him the option of continuing to go to school or staying home for the birth period. Most Japanese kids stay home as the mother usually travels to her parents' house for the birth and postpartum care. With his language development and approaching entry into elementary school though, I don't really want to remove him for a month. After that month, then it is winter holidays and so it would be a big break for him. But the only other option is for him to stay as part of the afterschool program, which really consists of him just watching TV for a few hours until Jason could return home. So, we have to make a decision on this. And soon.

In general, I am not too worried. Problems have a way of ironing themselves out, I have found. The best thing to do is to sit through it and do our part. And right now, my part is to eat some hijiki, kabocha salad, and, in tribute to my pregnant friend, chicken nanban.

Hope you are all well. Take care.

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