Friday, October 2

Girl's Fashionable Clothes

(女の子のおしゃれ服=onnanoko no oshare fuku ISBN978-4-529-04526-1)

This was my birthday present from Jason. I found it in our local bookshop at the "mall" (read: grocery store with a few shops above it) and immediately both of us got to dreaming about our daughter wearing these clothes. Easy enough because we are (mistakenly, we know) also dreaming of our daughter looking just like this girl. It could happen, right? She does sorta look like our kids. Of course, the hair would have to be a genetic fluke because we both come from straight-hair people. But until we actually meet our bound to be lovely-in-her-own-right daughter, this one is serving quite well as inspiration. I mean, check out these beautiful clothes: (please excuse the poor quality of the pictures. I have concluded that it will never stop raining. ever.)

And the good thing is that these patterns are for girls that are just out of their babyhood. So it gives me enough time to get started right? Because if you know me, I am tardy on every level these days.

I think Colette Aki will look very smart indeed, curls or no curls.


kayla said...

Very fashionable! I'll have to put this on my wish list. And what a beautiful choice for a name. I love that both our girls will have Japanese middle names.

monk said...

What cute are so lucky you know how to sew... and the baby's name is great :)