Thursday, October 29


*another doctor's visit. no weight gain for me, a nice look at the baby's face for nico's benefit, and a good twenty minutes laying under a blanket with little devices strapped to that large belly you see so that they could record the baby's heartbeat.

*nico always comes to the doctor with me and is actually really calm for the visit. during the heartbeat monitoring, he just sat on the bed next to me, nodding his head to the rhythm of his sister's heart. sebastian is fiercely jealous that nico always goes to the doctor with me and he doesn't but i like going when he's in school. i worry that if they were both there together, i would be called upon to referee too much.

*as for the issue of the stipend and birth coverage that i spoke of before, we are merely benefiting from the japanese government's push to increase the population. if you could grasp how severe the problem is, then you would understand that it is rather necessary for such steps to be taken. the stipend is for each child. most local governments already give money to children enrolled in school through elementary school but this is increasing the sum greatly and extending the period that they can receive such money. they are also going to eliminate the tuition costs for senior high schools so that all junior high graduates can attend without worries that they won't be able to afford it. the new administration is focused on social welfare and i like how swift they are to uphold their election promises. a bit different from my home country these days.

*we have now added baby soap, a sponge, and that nasal squeezy thing to our basket of supplies.

*i am marking big things off my list. we told our boss last friday that we are leaving in march (this was hanging over our heads for too long). we are preparing for the long hospital stay (six days! so long...). and after all the halloween chaos is over (english teachers are essentially in charge of creating the holiday here) then we will spend our time cleaning the house and stocking the pantry. and doing homework. homework never stops. i did also manage to get our septic tank emptied which was another big thing as it required me calling the service and speaking entirely in japanese. and of course, i got the talkative guy when i called. for jason said, oh just tell them your address and it takes like two minutes. two minutes times seven for me but oh well. it is done. i never thought i would be happy about such matters but i suppose that is why it is wise to keep an open mind at all times.

*that's about it from here. i am weary and have too much homework to do but must try and get the big papers finished soon as we never know when colette will decide to arrive. i am thinking she will be earlier than her brothers. but perhaps i thought the same thing with nico and sebastian too. for some reason i have always thought 38 weeks for colette. so we'll see.

*hope you all are well. take care. xoxo

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