Monday, October 19

Oni Gokko

bird's eye view of Oni Gokko in action
Yesterday we headed off to the park near our house, where Sebastian was lucky to find two of his classmates ready to play with him. The game of choice: oni gokko, Japanese tag. These days, oni gokko is THE game to play. Everyday. Sebastian is obsessed with it and like regular tag, there are all sorts of variations and ways of avoiding being tagged. I love this aspect, watching them negotiate the rules on the run. There's a little chant to taunt the "oni" (aka "it") into chasing them that Sebastian loves to call out in a sing-song voice with his hips swaying.
The only thing that rivals oni gokko is the hunt for donguri (acorns). We thought perhaps Sebastian was alone in his fevered collecting of donguri, then his friends arrived and the first thing they asked were where the best spot for acorns was. Oh, to be six.


kayla said...

What a sweet memory to share with him one day. And great shot--where were you to get this view?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing. Where were you standing to get this view? So, my niece is named Collette? Long distance hug to you and yours,