Thursday, November 5


so now that we are on the threshold of bringing another human into this world, we are allowing ourselves to get excited about it. pregnancy is an anxious period and arriving successfully at the end of the many weeks is nothing to take lightly. i have grown so accustomed to my large belly that it seems strange to think it is a temporary state. that soon i will have a squirming little babe next to me instead of inside me. that nico will become a big brother. and sebastian will soon be known as the eldest. and we'll probably shortcut our references to the kids to either the kids or the boys and colette (which would be an awesome band name).
our stockpile is growing and the boxes on our list are being checked. all systems are go.
part of preparing for a natural childbirth involves dealing with my attitude towards pain and labor, and how i approach concepts like contractions. besides for watching birth videos and reading birth stories, i also find that pictures like this remind me what all the trouble is for. that expression on my face you see as i hold a minute-old nico, pure golden bliss.

and as for the weekly doctor's check-up, everything is still good. her head is engaged and i was reminded that i can call my doctor anytime, day or night. now we just wait for colette to chose her birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Anything else you need? Baby stuff? I know mom has sent some things already but do you need anything else? Breathe deep.