Saturday, November 28

Hello World

it's true, colette and i are finally free. jason's been posting the pictures this past week and now i'm here to fill in the story. but i am a little tired still. this might be permanent, i'm afraid. but i will give you an abridged version: long slow labor, quick delivery. i did most of the laboring at home then arrived at the hospital to find that i was fully open and ready to push. the days that followed were very calm and quiet. i was well-fed (i made a flickr set of all the meals that jason managed to photograph), the doctor's mother made all my meals and was very impressed with my ability to eat everything, no grains of rice left in my bowl.
but now i am back and i have about two weeks of school work until my break. tomorrow is sebastian's big music festival, wednesday he'll be making mochi with his class and it is possible that after that i may keep him home with me until the next term. i'm ready to get into the stride of being a five person family but i do know it will take a while. but we are all good. thank you so much for your comments over the past week. i would read them on jason's ipod when he visited and it made me feel all sunny. i hope everyone had a good holiday week. nico was born the day before thanksgiving and colette was born on the japanese thanksgiving (no pilgrims involved though). we definitely have a lot to be grateful for. take care.

p.s. pictures are on flickr


Anonymous said...

Jason did a great job with the updates. Really glad to see you and your family back home. Tired you may be for some time. I just hope it's a good tired and at the end of each day you can look back and be greatful for your blessings.We are greatful to add one more blessing to our list by the name of Colette.Love ya, N and P

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Really just want to pick her up and hold her!! When will we be able to do that virtually? Oh, well, the next best thing...keep those pictures coming! Congratulations again. You done good, Liz

amisha said...

a belated but very heartfelt congratulations to you and your family!! colette is so beautiful! so so happy for you, lady. xo