Sunday, December 6

No Place Like Home

As we prepare for yet another move, I think about where it is we are headed next and where it is I ultimately want to be.

I envy those of you born in your perfect place, your true hometown.

The problem with me is that a few years ago, I fell in love. With a city.

But, if you can't be with the one you love... love Nagoya instead.

Nagoya isn't high on the list of tourist destinations in Japan. It is a city built around industry. Toyota, for instance, is based in Nagoya (see Dad, another reason to visit next summer!). For us, though, there are a lot of perks.
An aquarium, a zoo with a roller coaster that is supposedly one of the best in Japan, a Pokemon center, an international airport, a lot of subways that can take us all the way to the Japanese alps, and of course, my new job. I am officially a teacher-nerd now because two perks of Nagoya that make me excited are that there is a university there that concentrates on English as an international language and next year's JALT conference will be in Nagoya.
But another perk? A shinkansen line that will take us to Kyoto in 36 minutes. Yep, that is definitely a perk. For the same price that it takes us to get to Nagasaki on a three plus hour ferry ride.
So there is a lot to love about Nagoya. And excitingly/scarily enough, we'll be there in three months. Yikes. And hurray!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about that Pokemon center because I might have to accompany your mom if Dad won't take her to Japan next summer. She is missing the boys and really wants to hold her new granddaughter. Get ready to play tour guide! Liz