Tuesday, February 23

Miss 3 Months

My girl is three months today. (Note: I am still on a blogging hiatus but 3 months demands a little mention) Colette Aki is by far the quietest baby ever. She's agreeable and sweet, with gooey gummy smiles and belly chuckles. And, I think, hazel eyes. Yes, there is some green sparkling in those lovely peepers.
This led me to discover (through a little non-grad school research on eye color) that Nico has amber eyes. I didn't know they were considered their own category but there you go. We were hoping that one of our kids would have blue eyes like Jason but each of them having different eye colors is pretty nice too.
Sebastian: auburn hair/brown eyes
Nico: blond hair/ amber eyes
Colette: brown hair/ hazel eyes (I know, too early to call it but her eyes are definitely not brown.)

In other news, Nico decided to celebrate this special day by _____ in his ______. When I told Sebastian afterschool, he patted Nico on the back and said "way to go", which reflects what a great big brother he is, to be excited about his brother's ____. It won't last, I know.

Sebastian announced his plans to be a scientist, more specifically a paleontologist specializing in vertebrae. His words. He told me he wants to find fossils and work in a museum. He told Nico that he was welcome to visit but he couldn't touch anything. Nico seemed to accept this. When I asked Nico what he wanted to be, he said, "A big boy, just like Fastian." So sweet. Of course, later it changed to being a jedi but hey, who doesn't want to be a jedi?

Anyway, back to my homework/packing prison. Hope it is warm and sunny wherever you are. Take care.

Saturday, February 20

a break

i'm taking a break from the internet for a while. 34 days and counting til the move, school work, packing, language studies and and and, too many ands to include here. be assured we are all well. we hope you are too. take care.

Saturday, February 13

loving today

colette fits into the six-nine months clothes now. this makes me very sad. i knew she would grow (they all have that nasty habit) but really girl, did it have to be so quick?

i know there is so much to look forward to. i also know that growing up involves a lot of hurt on both sides. i know that soon she'll be too big to hold in my arms, dancing to "my girl". soon we'll fight and go long stretches of time without each other's company.

but luckily that isn't today. today i can pour as much love as i can into this girl. knowing that she's going to protest my kisses one day only makes today's even more precious.

Friday, February 12


yesterday i watched this documentary based around anne lamott's book bird by bird. bird by bird is a good book for writers who, like myself, don't have a lot of faith in their writing (which applies to probably every writer ever). the documentary reminded me of one of my favorite passages in the book:
“Maybe you really don’t want to write, maybe you want to read, but if you do want to write, life is going by very quickly and if you’re not careful you’re going to be 80 years old and have spent your life wishing that you’d gotten your work done. I think it’s good to consider where you’re going to be at 80. I believe at 80 we’re not going to wish we spent more time cleaning our houses. I believe at 80 we’re not going to wish we’d stayed out of warm tropical water more often ‘cause our thighs were not firm. Really no one cares if you get your writing done, it’s of no cosmic importance that you do. All I know that if it’s in you you’re going to get sick if you don’t let it out. And it’s your memories and your dreams and your versions of things and these characters who’ve selected you to be their typist. You’re their own Rosemary Woods. If you don’t have the luxury of writing 8 to 5, give up the 10 o’clock news. The 10 o’clock news only serves to ruin the next day’s newspaper. And to tell you about fires in areas you never go to, so what’s the point? So have you have an hour then, if you can budget the hour from 10 to 11, give up this one thing. It’s like God will meet you half way and be like, ‘Okay, cookie, let’s go.’”

it's the cleaning the house thing that really resonates with me, mainly because i already want to ignore the chores. life is really too short to worry about dishes, right? then there is the other side, the side that knows our lives in a shared household flow much better if the dishes are done, the laundry is folded. that dishes can, in fact, be part of your meditation. if you read the section from buddhism for mothers by sarah napthali that you can find here, it explains the idea more eloquently. if you don't feel like following the link, it basically says, when you wash the dishes, wash the dishes.

so what is the point of these rambles about the dishes? it's twofold: i am procrastinating because i don't want to do the dishes right now and i am reminding myself (and maybe you) that doing the dishes can be an opportunity if not overlooked. that right now is not the hour i am giving to my writing but if i do the dishes now, there will be time later. there has to be a balance with three kids and writing. though i wouldn't mind following this sort of mindset (also from the documentary):

“I used to not be able to work if there were dishes in the sink. Then I had a child and now I can work if there is a corpse in the sink. Because you’re always on borrowed time.

okay, to the dishes.

Thursday, February 11

color week:: red

(is that enough red for you, a? hearts to you...)

Wednesday, February 10

color week:: blue

looking for inspiration

here's what i have found so far:
yesterday's fog,
this show,
this headband,
this movie,
and this one too,
this album

i started drawing again. i realized it has been almost ten years since i learned to draw. it is a pure pleasure. writing and sewing involve too much emphasis on product, result. drawing is meditation for me. i will draw more.
but now, it is drizzling and i need to go hunt for some blue. and maybe stop by the craft shop to pick up a brown velvet ribbon and fuchsia felt so i can make a headband of my own, but instead of ajisai, i think i will make ume like i found yesterday:

Tuesday, February 9

color week:: yellow

it a fit of the february blahs, i realized the need for more mindfulness, more detail. more color. so for the next few days, i will do morning color hunts and collect my finds here.

Monday, February 8

reflections:: nature part 1

while i will admit that living in gotou has confirmed that we are not small-town folks, i will always be in awe of the beauty that surrounds us here. words are insufficient to describe the gorgeousness of the islands.

Thursday, February 4

she's a talker

and has been for about a month. she spends most of her waking hours doing this:

bean throwing day

they were terrified out of their wits. sebastian dumped all the beans on the "oni-san's" head screaming shrilly: "oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi". when the oni-san followed him up the stairs, sebastian pushed nico into the room and turned around and kicked the oni-san in the face. when jason removed the mask, laughing, sebastian said indignantly, "i am so through with oni". all in all, an excellent setsubun.

Monday, February 1


Congratulations to our dear, dear friends on the birth of their son. We are very happy for all three of you!

Much love to you from across the seas.

reflections:: arrival

this right here is the first picture we took upon landing in japan. it's in the restroom at narita airport near tokyo. this picture fails to capture our excitement. mainly due to exhaustion. but at this point our trip was hardly over. two planes and another day would pass before arriving safe in gotou.

we immediately jumped into our new life. i started work the day after we landed and within a week or so, sebastian was enrolled in kiku-gumi at the preschool. it was summer so think humid with sweaty children and chanting cicadas. it was summer the first time we came to japan as well so we hold a certain fondness for the season now. summer means lush green grasses, insects flying everywhere, shaved ice, playtime.

these last two pictures include akira-kun and his little (seriously little) sister shiori-chan. they are relatively the same ages as the boys and sebastian and akira-kun are good friends even now. shiori-chan is a bit older than nico and very petite but she speaks in a clear, mature-beyond-her-years way. it's strange to think that in a few months we won't be playing with them after-school everyday. but i said i would avoid getting sentimental, didn't i?