Tuesday, February 23

Miss 3 Months

My girl is three months today. (Note: I am still on a blogging hiatus but 3 months demands a little mention) Colette Aki is by far the quietest baby ever. She's agreeable and sweet, with gooey gummy smiles and belly chuckles. And, I think, hazel eyes. Yes, there is some green sparkling in those lovely peepers.
This led me to discover (through a little non-grad school research on eye color) that Nico has amber eyes. I didn't know they were considered their own category but there you go. We were hoping that one of our kids would have blue eyes like Jason but each of them having different eye colors is pretty nice too.
Sebastian: auburn hair/brown eyes
Nico: blond hair/ amber eyes
Colette: brown hair/ hazel eyes (I know, too early to call it but her eyes are definitely not brown.)

In other news, Nico decided to celebrate this special day by _____ in his ______. When I told Sebastian afterschool, he patted Nico on the back and said "way to go", which reflects what a great big brother he is, to be excited about his brother's ____. It won't last, I know.

Sebastian announced his plans to be a scientist, more specifically a paleontologist specializing in vertebrae. His words. He told me he wants to find fossils and work in a museum. He told Nico that he was welcome to visit but he couldn't touch anything. Nico seemed to accept this. When I asked Nico what he wanted to be, he said, "A big boy, just like Fastian." So sweet. Of course, later it changed to being a jedi but hey, who doesn't want to be a jedi?

Anyway, back to my homework/packing prison. Hope it is warm and sunny wherever you are. Take care.


Alice said...

Happy happy 3 months to beautiful Colette!

Anonymous said...

It's not warm in NC but regardless, happy 3 months!!! Get back to your packing and get ready to see us soon. Liz

ladybug-zen said...

good luck with the packing and moving! sounds exciting!

& happy 3 months to that sweet little girlie! i think i've said this before, but i'll reiterate...although she looks so much like you, i can also see a little of the boys and your husband in her. that must be so lovely for you to look at her every day and be reminded of that :) i'd be in a perpetual swoon!