Sunday, March 7

Here We Go

Oh, goodness. I never thought I would get teary-eyed writing the following but I am: this is my boy's last week as a yochien-sei (kindergartener). Friday he graduates in pomp and circumstance and will be weeks within starting shogakko (elementary school).
A first grader. Ichi-nen-sei. But at least there's a song involved. He got a hair cut at a salon this weekend and he's been practicing his bow. I took our suits to the cleaners and have ironed my handkerchief. (I know I am going to cry. I am a sucker for graduations like others are for weddings. Part of being a teacher, I suppose.) Now I must practice my speech and charge the camera batteries.

Here we go.
(Deep breath)


Anonymous said...

i'm crying just *reading* about it! wow! what a big boy!

Anonymous said...

So proud of you Sebastian!!!! Can't wait to see the pics...Hugs, Auntie Liz