Wednesday, March 31

hi there

has it really only been a week since we left? we've been crazy busy with all the typical details of moving house. overwhelming as it is, we are gradually becoming aware of a sparkling glimmer. at first it flits around then you remember its name: excitement. we live here. here. in a pretty little apartment in a huge city. i have a lot to share once it is distilled but my brain sneaked out after i overloaded it with the daunting task of handling immigration procedures with three loud kids following it up with a heaping spoonful of hectic that is commuters at the main train station. so in lieu of sensible writings, let me share something that will always make my eyes dewy, our send-off from the island:

take care. xoxo

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ladybug-zen said...

oh my! what a lovely send off. it had me in tears.

i do miss japan and all the fantastic people we met. the boys and i have been lamenting (alot) lately about leaving japan. they both ask periodically, "when are we going back to japan?" and eli still calls it home. for him it's, "when are we going home, mama? i just want to go home, back to japan." :(

happy settling.