Tuesday, March 23

Saying Goodbye to All This

the time to say good bye to gotou is upon us.

this will be our last post from the island.

we are a little melancholy but we cannot think about it now. i only wish we were fluent enough to tell those we are leaving how much we appreciated their kindness, their generosity. we didn't know what to expect when we came but we leave knowing what a gorgeous place gotou is not only because of the beautiful and bountiful nature that meets you in every direction. the island's beauty comes from the warm hearts of the residents, which can make you feel sun-kissed on even the darkest days.

there is not much we can say but どうもありがとうございました。
and instead of さようなら let's just say またね。
we promise, we'll come back to visit. until then, おげんきで!

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Anonymous said...

good luck!