Friday, March 19

Sayonara Youchien

Look how short their sleeves are now. How much play those smocks have seen over the past two years. In the picture with Sebastian today are Yoshinari-kun and An-chan. Sebastian and Yoshinari-kun have been good friends lately which makes it hard because next week we leave. The last few months they have been trading Pokemon stickers and lots of laughs. And An-chan is one of the five girls in Sebastian's class but I have never seen her play with the other girls. Of course, being the older sister to two little brothers has that effect on you.
So today I was a little sad. But Sebastian is happy because he's heading to a friend's house in a bit with his dinosaurs and video camera. And I have my packing to keep me occupied.
Every afternoon, his teacher walks the kids going home with their parents down the stairs and shakes their hand good-bye. This is the last time:

(Don't mind the conversations in the background, it's the kids that are important...)

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