Sunday, April 11

Catching up

(The PTA poster from Sebastian's school. It reads: "Everyone, protect Cedar Village's children".)

Two weeks into our life in Nagoya and everything is starting to get smoothed out. There are five of us so let me do a quick person by person update (going in order from tallest to shortest):

-Jason: He's wearing a tie twice a week now, riding the wobbly bike to and from the high school. On the other days he's juggling monkeys at home.

-Tiffany(aka me): I'm working full time again and really enjoying my work. I have a lot to do between work, school, and home so I am looking forward to May when my classes finish.

-Sebastian: He entered school and is loving it so far. We'll post pictures soon.

-Nico: He's slowly trading diapers for the toilet. And we will be on the lookout for a kindergarten for him since he really wants to go to school like Sebastian.

-Colette: She's getting in crawl position now and has two (2!) bottom teeth. On the downside, she's still not keen on the bottle but she's getting more used to it.

All in all, we're still excited and a little exhausted but starting to feel more comfortable here. I do think an urban life suits us better though we are still a little sad to have left Gotou. Here we see glimpses of friends or students from Gotou in strangers and have that flash of realization that we won't see the original versions for a very long time (if, sad to say, ever).
On the other hand, we aren't too terrible about keeping friends. Jason's heading to Nara next Sunday to visit some of his old friends that he's kept in touch with. So there is hope.

Anyway, I'm still working on folding the clothes that busted out of the suitcase a week ago. Not made easier by the whole almost crawling, teething Colette who likes to chomp her gooey gums on clean laundry.

Hope you are all well. Take care.


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