Sunday, June 27

Another Anniversary

Today marks the conclusion of our second year back in Japan. So much has changed since we landed two years ago. We would have never imagined life would be as it is now.

That just shows how feeble the imagination can be. Here's to another grand year in our adopted homeland. May the days that follow exceed our wildest expectations.

I realize I have not been the most faithful blogger since the move. I know, just when things are getting more interesting around here, all you get is the same old posts for weeks and weeks. What can I say? The elements that have cranked up the level of interest have also blasted the amount of busy in our lives. Some things get shoved off the plate. I'm looking for a bigger plate and until then, please bear with us.

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Anonymous said...

hey! happy anniversary! i love that photo of you and the kids on the floor playing. just beautiful!! looks like a tickle session. we have lots of those too.