Friday, July 9

Hello Summer.

We started summer off with a whirlwind week of hosting my mother and sister, our first family members to visit Japan. We did what we could to impress them with the beauty of Japan and you can see more of our efforts on flickr (that little picture frame to the right). It was good for us to be able to consider Japan through "outsiders'" eyes and gave us the opportunity to explore Nagoya more. It also gave us a good excuse to visit Nara and Kyoto.

The rainy season has been rather mild but the ajisai were as gorgeous as ever.

Nico fully embraced the mascot of the 1300th anniversary of Nara. The rest of us weren't so keen on the Buddha/Shika-san.

Here are our visitors adapting to the Japanese heat under their parasols as they strolled through the zoo on their last day in Nagoya.

And look at her, will you, getting a good view of Nagoya. She's been up for a while now, I just forgot to report it.

So how's it going with you? Happy summer to all of you out there.