Saturday, August 21

August Waning


Isn't this just summer? Bare feet dangling, drips of ice cream running down hands and jumping off elbows.

We have been absolutely absent from this space and now that summer is rounding the bend, it is time to get things in order again. School (which is x5 for us) starts again in a week and a half. We have survived the summer though and are now at the end of a terrible heat wave that still has us pressing our forefingers into our skin as if it were soft wax, checking our melting points.
The answer to the "should we buy an a/c?" is yes. Lesson learned the hot and sweaty way.

The kids are good, Sebastian is almost finished with his summer holiday homework. Nico is obsessed with Super Mario and both boys are really into Calvin and Hobbes.
Colette is standing and taking micro-steps. And growing more teeth. And clapping. A successful baby she is.

Hope you are all having a good summer.

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