Wednesday, September 22

Getting All Maudlin on Ya


We are going to make a better effort. Thanks for the comments on the last post. We do appreciate them. Our good and wise friend Rhett told us once that there is a two year rule in moving. And of course, we never reach that time instead uproot ourselves at the very moment connections are starting to be made, a home starting to grow.

I will stand by my guns on the Nagoya front. Yet until I find that country kindergarten position in the hills of Kyoto or Shiga, we will do our best where we are because as long as we are together, we are home.


Anonymous said...

where are you guys in the photos? Mom

kayla said...

You guys look great! I think Nico was Colette's size when I saw him--now he's such a big boy! It's so easy to think wherever you aren't is a better place, but focus on the positives of Nagoya. Rosana and I always talk about how we remember Japan as this utopia, even though when we were there it wasn't always so perfect. Kyoto *almost* is, so I think it's still a great goal!

Russell said...

You guys look like you are having tons of fun!

Maybe one day I can get the energy up to visit you all.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to go all Zen on you but you need to live in your now. For some reason we always think to make our lives better by relocating our lives instead of focusing on improving our lives. Live where you are. Find happiness from yourself. On another note, is that a tea house????!!!! I am so going to a tea house one day and having tea. Happy Birthday, Tiff. Miss you guys!!!!! Hugs, Liz