Thursday, September 30

Sitting Through It


"Oh my wandering days are over, kick my boots off and retire from the disco floor..."
-Belle and Sebastian

Thanks for all the support and kind birthday wishes. We spent the last week exploring the area and were able to find Mei-chan's house (from the classic Tonari no Totoro), a decent art supply store, a used English book store (where I scored a collection of Roald Dahl's short stories), a place that sells Jason's drawing pens, and the correct train to take us to Kyoto.

The trip to Kyoto was my early birthday present, a week early, in fact. We spent a gorgeous day outside by the river, picnicing and playing. And remembering how much we love Kyoto.
(Though we did ride through Shiga on the way and it was very nice indeed.)

But for the time being we are here, living and breathing Nagoya air. And we do like it here, don't get us wrong. (We like America too, Mom...)

But Kyoto.... oh, Kyoto.

Okay, time to return to my studies. I hope all of you are zipping along fantastically during these cooler Autumn days.

Happy Birthday Dad + Mom!

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