Thursday, September 16

The Woes of this Roaming Life

We suffer from the wretched "grass is always greener" syndrome. It's intensive and progressive and the only cure is learning to accept your place as it is, actively seeking out the good to balance the disappointments, learning lessons from those disappointments.

We've learned that we are not city people.

It's good to know.

And now that the season is shifting into autumn, the lows of homesickness have spread between us. In many ways we miss Gotou. Our reasons for moving to Nagoya have grown faint. Unanticipated problems have cropped up. I work too many hours for too long into the night. I always miss dinner and bedtime. The only time I see Sebastian during the week is in the morning before pushing him out the door for school.
Not exactly the most peaceful time.

We miss the sea. We miss vegetables and people who just accepted us for who we are. We can tolerate the stares more in the countryside but in the city, it is disheartening. On Gotou, people welcomed us warmly. Here we have only made a few acquaintances.

I miss working in a kindergarten. I miss knowing the kids really well and working with people who really understood children and respected their development.

I know we have only been here since April, but it is really hard to adjust to this new life. And we are not sure just how much we want to adjust to it. We are now beginning to realize all that we left behind.


Anonymous said...

are you and Jason still Americans? why not be homesick for the good old U.S.A.?

Anna Patricia said...

Hang in there, be thankful that your family is together and in good health :)

George said...

Give at year, and I'm sure you'll rediscover some of the reasons you moved, and some new ones too :)

You just have to tough it through the coming winter ...

Anonymous said...

ok, when we moved from nara to tokyo i just knew it would be so much better. why i knew/thought that i will never understand. it wasn't better. it was really hard...for everyone, but especially the boys and especially my oldest. it was exactly as you described in your post. we lived in tokyo for two years and it wasn't until the end of that time that we finally began meeting people and making friends, but by then we were preparing to leave:( if you want to stay in nagoya i reckon you should give it a good solid 2 years perhaps more before you start to warm up to it and it to you. what it comes down to is this, regardless of where it is, city living totally sucks. totally and completely.

and so does whoever left that anonymous comment up there. how cowardly!

wishing you well, Tiffany.