Tuesday, November 30

Tuesday, Tuesday


For me, Tuesday is the new Monday. With my shifted weekend, Tuesday has become the day I don't like to dawn. It is a rough day for me, with the morning spent in the nest of my family, all warm and downy, only to have to fly on my bicycle to work. I'm not trying to disregard the value of the school or my students but it is definitely a jarring jump from what I consider to be my true self over to my teacher self. It's like trying to jump from a river raft to a moving freight train.

The better the weekend the harder it is to start the workweek.
And we had a very good weekend.

First, I skint my knee badly preventing Nico from interrupting a very traditional Shinto wedding at Atsuta Shine on Sunday. He wanted to sit with the wedding party and dove under the red rope protecting them. I almost didn't catch him. The relief in doing so made up for the new hole in my jeans.

Then on Monday evening, I took Sebastian to the mall for a date. We drank green tea lattes, played video games, and read comic books at the bookstore. He's still having issues with me working late so I'm trying to carve a pocket of special one-on-one time for him in our still-too-tight schedule. He actually skipped instead of walking the whole date, he was so overjoyed.

I suppose the good thing about starting another work week is that it gives me another weekend to look forward to.

And who wouldn't want to, considering the company I keep?

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