Wednesday, December 8



I have come to another graduate school crossroads. I have to take two additional classes that I did not anticipate. This means more money and more time that I just don't have. I will be finished in another semester but now am not sure if I can or want to. I worry that my family and I have invested in a money pit.

I am thinking of putting a little collection can on the sidebar, something like Pennies for a Poor, Pitiful Grad Student. Not because I think that it is a legitimate way to solve my money woes (being a highly educated poor person gives me this insight, at least). Being a grad student is also a sign of being an optimist. My hope is that some benevolent saint will be looking for a blog with scantily written random thoughts coupled with equally random photos mainly of the backs of people's heads, see my little collection jar and have some sort of epileptic fit and accidentally hit the "donate lots of money" button. Stranger things have happened.

We are also posting some recommended reading books in the Amazon list on the side. If you click on it and buy a book, then a bit of the proceeds go to us.

It seems that we are turning into a little charity operation here. I hope you know that I am writing this with a bit of tongue in cheek. Just a bit.

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