Friday, December 10

Market Day


We went to Osu Kannon Flea Market a few weeks back. This is, sad to say, only our third visit to a Japanese flea market. Our first was to the famous one at Kyoto's Toji. Then we stumbled upon one next to the streetcar stop near our favorite hostel in Nagasaki. Though much more humble than the first one, it had charms that made us say, upon leaving, "we must make sure we stop back by before we go". And of course we didn't. The market at Osu Kannon was not full of glories. It was mainly full of junk, and had about all the charm of a neighborhood yard sale. The temple itself is really nice and I am glad the boys insisted on climbing the steps so they could toss their coins and pull the bell ringer.

I did come away with what I had sought. I found some cheap, ugly kimonos that I am going to cut up and make into creatures. And hopefully they will be interesting enough that others will want some because kimonos are made with a lot of fabric. Dozens of creatures can be born from the yards of silky material I elbowed for. It is part of a project that will be revealed here in the new year. You readers get the exclusive preview of (one of) my Grand Ideas. Notice the capitalization and be awed.

Now the beeping of the oven is telling me my scones are finished so I can pull them out and hit the hay. Good night dears.


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