Thursday, December 9

Rocking and Rolling


I am writing to you in the brief ten minutes I have before my next lesson (with a really polite gentleman in his mid-thirties who likes Cadillacs and playing the slots on his weekends.)

I am writing to you because I feel guilty that I bring my troubles here. Then I think: hey, my troubles are truthful parts of my life. Then I think: I should really balance those posts with some more realistic parts of my life. Like how I get to bicycle to work and back past the most gorgeous trees you have ever seen. How the gingko leaves glow yellow even in the inky darkness that descends at sunset. How the children run to meet me when I return home and then we snuggle in bed reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. How Sebastian is reading pages of it now. How pretty Colette is, how kind Nico is to her. How good cookies smell when they bake in my tiny microwave oven. So I feel I have done you, my dear readers, a disservice by being such a fair weather blogger. In payment for your patience, I promise to be here everyday for at least this next month. (We'll see how it goes from there.)

Okay, time to go help Mr. Cadillac with his grammar. Take care and stay warm (or cool depending on the hemisphere).

Much Love,

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