Thursday, January 6



The winter holidays are spent and now we are back on our respective school/work tracks.

Yes, I am sighing a little. Did you hear me?

We had two weeks straight of time together and a grand time was had by all. We are entering into the final semester of the Japanese school calendar. It's a short term and we'll be together for another two weeks in March.
(Followed quickly by Golden Week in June. And summer holidays in August. And don't forget Silver Week in September. And those random national holidays in October and November. Then, of course, there are two weeks off in December.
I am very grateful to be a teacher in Japan.)

I didn't accomplish much over the vacation despite my productivity.
What I did was: I cooked meals and folded clothes and nursed sick children and played at the park and helped with their homework.

Usually before a break, I make a giant master list of what I hope will happen and it typically looks like this:
-teach Sebastian to read
-teach Nico to read
-study Japanese for 3 hours every night
-sew three dresses
-write a short story
-clean the entire house

Funnily enough, I always fail to meet my lofty goals. Strange, huh, considering how I usually strategize my minutes and make a careful schedule, allotting what seems like enough time for me create a new wardrobe and educate my boys plus learning the piano and getting in shape.

The problem is that I map out my time at work, where they have such things as clocks that run according to a standard time, recognized by other workplaces all over the universe. When I cross my threshold though, I am crossing into another timezone that is set according to the heartbeats of my children.

This holiday, I remembered and respected the ebb and flow of home life. I like rising with my sons and being with them until their frantic energy softens to match their deep breaths. I like seeing neighbors chatting in the quiet street and birds flit away from the balcony when I open the door to hang up yet another load of laundry.

And you know what? They have been two of the sunniest weeks of my life. I hope to carry some of the peace and joy generated over these past 14 days with me as I push off for another long stretch of strained schedules and ticking clocks.

Wishing you all peace and joy.


monk said...

I love it....just the importance of life, what a lovely way to spend it....

tiffany said...

thanks, monk!