Tuesday, March 8

And we're back

Hi. Sorry about the silence. We've just been, well, being.

Here are a few things that I, the neglectful reporter on this here blog, omitted from sharing, just out of pure laziness and distance from the computer. I am unabashedly lazy in the winter.

We enrolled this kid in kindergarten. He starts next month.

Hina Matsuri came and went. It was fun to eat pink foods and maybe some year I'll dress Colette in kimono like they did in the good ol' days.
hinamatsuri treats
our hina

This guy is going into second grade next month. Mindblowing.

We have quite a few things crammed up our sleeves these days...

Many good changes are on the way, including more of this lazy reporter trying to strike a healthy balance between my analog life and digital life. I want to connect and share good things like birds hiding in plum trees but without becoming a cyborg. I'm sure there is a middle path I can navigate that crosses through both lives, I just need to find it.

Hope you are all warm and wonderful.

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