Sunday, March 27

I went for a walk instead...

street light

...of checking the news and the earthquake reports and the fallout reports. I feel obligated to keep tabs on the nuclear crisis, being the captain of my little ship but it is taxing. We must continue to seek the positives to balance so many negatives. So I took a little break and explored the neighborhood in the company of Mr. Bird, who likes to whistle in my ear.

long shadows

"Fake conversations on a nonexistent telephone
Like the words of a man who's spent a little too much time alone"
(from A.B.'s song Effigy)

I want to press on with my pre-disaster plans. I think I can manage it but occasionally little dots of doubt threaten my vision, like the kind you get when you rub your eyes too hard, and at these times I become blind with worry. Equal parts skeptical and naive, I can only hope that I am right in believing that I am not putting my crew in danger by staying in Japan.

I don't think I am. If things get bad, I suppose I could always try to get myself deported.

In the meantime, I prefer to wander the streets under blue skies, the wind blowing pale pink petals across my path.


rose said...
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Anonymous said...

I have room at my house if you get deported (or decide to vacate the premises). Nice little town; little garden to grow organic vegetables; library 2 blocks away; large park with a walking trail a couple of streets away. I am worried about you guys...Liz

Antonio Mariani said...

Comprendo il tuo dispiacere, e pertanto ti auguro di cuore che tutto si risolva nei migliore dei modi; esprimo la mia più sincera solidarietà.