Wednesday, March 16

An Inventory

We have:
portable radio
portable stove
vinyl sheets
plastic bags
several bottles of drinking water
several bottles of cooking water
several bottles of sports drink
cans of beans, tuna, spam
beef jerky
instant noodles, instant soup, instant rice porridge and oatmeal
dried wheat gluten
dried fruit
random snacks
cell phones and chargers
first aid kit

three happy and healthy kids
two adults, one who is more mellow than the other
two hamsters, both crazy
plenty of love and hope

I spent the morning in a sort of stunned amazement when we visited the nearby shopping mall to gather our usual supplies (plus a little extra, just in case). It seems that all of Nagoya already did their little extra shopping because the shelves were emptied of the sort of things you might need in say, an earthquake, or perhaps a nuclear disaster. We are really far away from Fukushima but I guess the fear of the radiation spreading is rather strong.
Or perhaps it had something to do with the small earthquake last night in Shizuoka. My money is on the latter because it seems to have thrown a few logs on the long smoldering collective fear of the Tokai Earthquake's approach. The Japanese have been waiting for the Tokai Earthquake for decades and it refuses to come. When it does decide to show, it is expected to peg its epicenter in Shizuoka. Which happens to be the next prefecture (a designation of land that falls somewhere between a county and a state) over from ours (Aichi, by the way). I admit, the fear of the Tokai Jishin (Tokai is the region I live in and Jishin means earthquake) is infectious. Not enough to make me stay under the table all day long but does make me wish I had just a few more bottles of water. You know, just in case.

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Anonymous said...

i am having trouble sending you a private message on fb right now :/
please let us know what we can send you. also, your address. i grew up in earthquake country. glad you are so prepared. you must be exhausted. hugs all around.