Thursday, March 10



This is one of our once-a-day macrobiotic meals. Yes, we are still only managing to eat 1/3s macrobiotically but some is better than none, right? In April I get a new schedule and hopefully it will mean that I will come home before 8:00 on most nights. Hopefully. Our crazy jigsaw schedule does not give a lot of space for whole foods cooking. We do what we can and sometimes, that really is all you can do. Very zen of me, huh? It comes from living in Japan for too long and reading all the messed up Engrish on the tee-shirts here.

I will tell you that after we all eat a good (and this is defined on a learning curve, believe me) macromeal, then we all seem really happy. Light and joyous. So much that it makes you wonder why you ever eat the other stuff at all. It reminds me of when I get tipsy from too much New Year's champagne and start laughing at how tightly wound I am when I am not drinking champagne. Of course, eating more macrobiotically actually does make you happier whereas drinking more champagne results in something less pleasant, so perhaps the analogy is skewed. Hopefully you can see the direction my sleep-deprived brain is trying to steer you.

When I eat well, I feel well. I suddenly understand missionaries because I want to be one, spreading the gospel of macrobiotics with grains of brown rice. I know that it sucks to be preached to, that I can easily be labeled a hypocrite with my coffee and pocketful of sneaky-chocolates. I think the urge to give sermons about the wonders of eating well comes from the heart, so please don't throw stones at me. It is a knee-jerk reaction. The joy that arises is so pure, so plentiful, it must be shared.

I'll give you something for putting up with me and my macroranting. Here's the recipe for that tofu you see up there, smothered in negimiso sauce. You can omit the sugar or replace it with brown rice syrup, if you like. It's very tasty and very easy, especially since you can make a batch of negimiso and keep it in the fridge for a while. You can put it on all sorts of things but we usually slather slabs of tofu with it then throw them under the grill. It's our go-to main dish for those late nights when I don't get in before eight. Enjoy!


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