Wednesday, March 9

Maybe May


This is one of my favorite sights. To you it may look like laundry, to me it looks like possibilities. What you see here drying in the lovely morning light are different cuts of fabric, each one selected with a different purpose in mind. I have really returned to my love of sewing since we moved to Nagoya. It may have something to do with my workplace being three blocks from the Otsukaya. I can easily spend many hours and much yen squeezing through the crowds of shoppers and stacks of fabric there. It is the same feeling I get when I visit art stores, libraries, or my favorite bookstore. I get infected with the prospect of a creative act, even if I still can't manage to find the time to complete even the most promising creations. If you are experiencing a drought of inspiration, I encourage you to go to the supply store of your choice. Sometimes the well needs to be replenished.

I have been flooded with inspiration lately and the energy and time to see projects through. It is very satisfying and I have discovered in the wake of such rushes that I possess a surplus of products. Products that may as well be sold to someone who may want them. On May Day, I will be opening an Etsy store. I figure that in doing so, I am embracing the holiday by celebrating the labor of love.

In the meantime, I also have to finish my first postcards for the Handmade Postcard swap. They are due to be posted on the 20th. I have my design and have started the stamps. It is so fun to have a project like this on my plate, amongst the several non-enjoyable projects I am also tackling these days (read: work-related. humph.)

Right now, I have to go break in my new cutting mat, if my luck continues and the babes keep snoozing. Hope everything is bright and sunny for you and yours. Take care.


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