Thursday, April 7

Gone are the days


I think we are all suffering from pre-post traumatic stress syndrome here.

The Fukushima beast is one of those that grows more dangerous as it dies. We have now accepted the idea that we might have to leave Japan in the near future. How near we don't know, how definite, we don't know. Before I was resolved to remain here but recently my concern about the nuclear crisis has been amplified. This is Japan's reality now. A disaster that refuses to be tamed. I have joined the other skeptics in distrusting the "official" news from the government and TEPCO. I rely on the IEAE and even Greenpeace to provide more accurate information.

For the time being, we are pressing on with our regularly scheduled programs. Sebastian is in school, tomorrow we attend Nico's opening ceremony. Jason and I are both working, at work proper and own our own projects. We are filing the paperwork for the objection to Colette's deportation. We would like to continue in this vein.

But that is not always possible. The 27,000 plus victims of the tsunami, the 400,000 displaced in shelters, the new evacuees from the nuclear crisis, all of them also hoped to continue along their own paths, living out the plans they had made, worrying about petty day to day concerns. I miss our frivolous time, a month ago (though it seems like years) when there was no checking of radiation levels, when I still had faith in the competency of people who worked with something as dangerous as nuclear power. I suppose I was naive, but I like being naive, ignorance being bliss and all that jazz. Being naive allows me to have the space in my head for more creative endeavors. Now that space is filled with facts about iodine and cesium, about becquerels and millisevierts. I don't want to think about these things anymore but it has been forced on us all, and it doesn't appear to be for the short-term.

We are not trying to worry you, dear readers, but we do want you to know that we are watching how the disaster unfolds, waiting for it to reach a certain level of calamity before we take more drastic measures. I think our first choice would be to just return to Kansai or Kyushu but if it isn't possible, we'll probably take up American couch surfing for a while. We hope it doesn't come to that.

Thank you again for all your concern over these affairs and events. We truly appreciate it.


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