Thursday, May 19

be here, be aware

perfect green sakura

Colette and I had Jason to ourselves Monday and Thursday as it is test week so the high school where he works didn't require his skills. Though I had intended to use all my spare minutes for sewing, I chose instead to go tramping around downtown Nagoya with my main squeeze.

Despite looking at this glass I was served as being half full, the impending deportation hearing has been weighing on me. I am trying to use this situation to readjust how I have framed our time here.
We feel settled, we feel a part of this beautiful section of the globe, but in reality we are just long-term guests.
Or at least from the perspective of the authorities.
To counter the feeling of helplessness, we are pushing ourselves to be more aware of where we are right now. To go out and find the Japan that we would miss.


becca said...

i felt like that quite a lot when i lived out there. now i miss that feeling though. arashiyama would be such a beautiful place to live. do you have a job to go to out there? good luck with the authorities. i'm sure they will let you stay. ganbatte!

Tiffany said...

hey becca,
thanks for your kind words. i hope you are right. as for arashiyama, no, i don't have position lined up. i have just always wanted to live there so i am just letting the universe know my destination. we'll probably stay here for one more year to let nico finish yochien. if we don't get deported, that is. (^w^)