Sunday, May 1


It's Golden Week, my favorite week of the year when four national holidays collide and become a second Spring break. I'm lucky to have Monday off too, meaning that I have an entire week of freedom and will not think about teaching until Friday.
As per my nature, the first creation I made was a very detailed list of all the goals I wanted to accomplish before dreaded Friday dare show its face on my calendar. These past three days, I have had a heaping spoonful of reality and have now gone back to the original list with my red marking pen, crossing out 80 percent of my ambitions. Did you know that I have three kids and a husband in my [tiny] apartment? It's true. In the quiet of my work life, I sometimes forget what it means when mama is home full time.
temporary studio
Not that I am complaining. I love being home and spending precious hours with my littles, even if my patience is challenged continuously. I have many priorities to balance this week as I add to my shop's inventory amidst the daily cacophony of family life. I have created a solution in the form of a little space for my sewing against the window with the best light. I have also overcome my shyness about using the sewing machine at night. This means during the day I can be more present for the kids and at night (after a few cups of coffee) I can work on the surviving goals from that list.

I'll pop in here again this week, hopefully with some tangible evidence of my productivity to share.
I hope you are all well and safe wherever you may be. Take care, particularly you dear readers from the South. Our thoughts and hearts are with you.

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