Tuesday, May 24

On the storefront

I know I mentioned I was planning to hold a preview in my shop last week, but time got away from me, the willful beast. I have been working slowly towards my early June grand opening by continuously sewing and resewing when things are not up to my standard. I have become more familiar with my machine in these last weeks as well as educating myself on the ins and outs of selling online. Using the blogs on Etsy and reading this book have been very enlightening. This book helps me to understand the more pragmatic side of selling online, which is very good indeed.
new book
Living in Japan has been helpful in that I have become more conscious of details. What used to be acceptable in my sewing now makes me blush but I will chalk it up to being part of the learning process.
I never accomplish as much as I hope over the weekend but as long as I can get my area in order for impromptu sewing, then I can remain inspired and willing to work, even after a long day of teaching and parenting. It is very satisfying to have a tidy work area. The organization revives me.

I will keep chugging along and filling out my inventory. The rotten thing is that the date with immigration is one day before my anticipated grand opening so I will go ahead and expect delays as I deal with the strain of legal headaches. Making and drawing has proved to be a wonderful relief from the stress so I will push myself more in these next few days to finish up my various products. Then I will share again with you.



becca said...

the slippers look lovely. i'm hoping to purchase a pair. have you tried any of your local sento for evening stress relief? they are great.

Tiffany said...

thank you, becca!