Tuesday, May 3


There was a moment that extended into a day where I believed that my sewing machine was dead, never to be threaded again. Luckily I discovered a quick and lasting fix and now I can continue.
Some things on my work table, designs and patterns being tested.
The Aki-chan doll. There will be a few alterations to what you see here but she's been approved by the original Aki so I am feeling good about her.
Summer dresses...
And more slippers, simply because they are addictive to make.
I will return Thursday evening to share more works in progress.
Here's wishing you many quick and lasting fixes.
Take care.


kayla said...

love the doll and the dresses. are those patterned linen fabrics? you make me want to unpack my sewing machine--it went into storage to make room for naomi.

you're making really cute things--can't wait till you open your shop!

Anonymous said...

Have some baby showers coming up soon...When do you think you will be open for business? You are being incredibly productive and creative. Cheers, Liz

Tiffany said...

@Kayla: Thank you! The apron dress is linen, the sundresses is a cotton canvasy type material. The apron one will have a black linen dress underneath with a peter pan collar and puffed sleeves. I hope you find space for your work too. I was thinking about your pocket shopping bags and what a great idea that was.
@Liz: I was striving for the beginning of this month but now I will have a grand opening June 1st with a pre-opening May 18th (kinda like a preview). Do you mean I am being productive considering the circumstances? Then, I will accept your compliment. I still feel lazy and behind though. Thanks!